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The Corner: a café where neighbors catch up over a good cup of coffee and baked goods made by local residents…An event space where people share their culture and personal stories through the arts…A meeting space where neighbors organize and advocate for their community and against injustice… A place where people 

have a voice…Where they’re part of something bigger than themselves…

Located at the heart of the Pittsburgh neighborhood of West Oakland, a diverse community comprised of families, seniors, and, increasingly, college students, The Corner is uniquely positioned to gather people from a wide variety of backgrounds – economic, racial, and otherwise. The Corner fosters community through the arts and “third place” programming, in a community-created space where people can connect with one another, find resources that address their needs, and participate in community-driven activities. In a neighborhood lacking positive activities for youth and young adults, where many seniors live in isolation, The Corner hosts nights of jazz, poetry, and spoken word, film screenings, art workshops, a volunteer-run coffee shop, and many other social activities centered around social justice and advocacy.

In a neighborhood facing a lack of commercial or retail space, a destabilized housing market, a dwindling sense of identity, and contentious student-resident relations, The Corner hosts a Neighborhood Council that brings together long-term residents, student renters, elected officials, developers, partnering agencies, and others to connect and collaborate. Where many residents lack adequate employment and education, we connect people to job skills training programs and workshops on improving credit. We are so grateful for all of the ways in which residents, volunteers, agency partners and others have supported our efforts, from hosting events to painting walls to sharing homemade baked goods.  We can’t do any of this without your financial support: Click here to donate to The Corner today!

** New Corner Façade! The Corner operates out of a building that isn’t physically accessible to all. Our decades-old storefront doesn’t identify as a welcoming “third place.” And the building lacks adequate bathroom facilities. We’ve been doing a lot with little, to serve many. So, we’re rolling up our sleeves and renovating. We’re knocking out walls and dismantling that ugly façade, while saving or reusing what we can.  We’re preserving the rich history and beautifying this key intersection in our neighborhood with a public terrace, trees, flowers, and other greenery,  signage, a public art installation, and an updated and attractive façade.

But we can’t do this alone. While implementing programs since March 2012, The Corner has partnered with community development corporations, foundations, city offices, non-profits, and others.  Financial support, in-kind services, volunteer help, and other resources will enable us to effectively complete these renovations. You can help transform this space into an “anchor” property for community development, aid to make West Oakland, Oak Hill, Hill District and neighborhood communities an even better places to live, and help The Corner become a pinnacle of cross-cultural expression and the arts. We invite you to join us in these efforts!

Contact Nadine Masagara-Taylor, Executive Director of The Corner, to find how you can you can make a difference today!

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